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Get ready for an amazing weekend filled with the best experts in Finance, Health and Wellness, Careers, Building a Business, Home Design, Fashion, Community Service, Travel and more. We’ve spent the last year searching the globe to bring you the very best Seminar Speakers designed to motivate and inspire you to live your best life.

Rise To Riches: The 7-Figures Blueprint, Presented by Tanisha Coffey, Avis Savage & Nyken Desire on Saturday at 11:30AM

Grab a front row seat at this session to learn the three principle concepts you need to understand, embrace and implement to position yourself for 7-figure (or more) wealth accumulation.

Take Back Your Life - Reclaiming your intuition in a world of noise, Presented by Gillian Gabryluk on Saturday at 12:00PM

Awaken the intuitive power within as you build a life of clarity and conviction. In a world brimming with distractions and constant noise, this presentation will leave you ready to reclaim your true purpose!

The Crypto Economy is Coming. Get Educated or Get Left Behind!, Presented by Chase K. Smith on Saturday at 12:30PM

The emergence of the Crypto Economy represents the largest transfer of wealth in history. Our goal is to educate you about what’s happening and introduce you to the passive income opportunities the Crypto Economy is creating.

Women MEAN Business Entrepreneurial Roundtable Saturday at 1:00

Don’t miss the Women Mean Business Summit where Successful Entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial journey, overcoming business challenges, maximizing their brand potential and their Successes and Advice with our audience, Moderated by Radio Personality Eden Kendall.

  • Chantel Sugar, LifeSaveHer
  • Paryse Lambert, Paryse Style
  • Elizabeth Decker, She Fix It
  • Traci Brown, Many Mini Cakes
Food for thought: learn about the dangers of unidentified food sensitivities, Presented by Dr. Deb Schreibman on Saturday at 2:30PM

I will share how food sensitivities impact your health, gut, and life. I will teach you how to identify sensitivities, heal your gut from symptoms from sensitivities like weight gain, fatigue, headaches, insomnia and more. I will share my story about the loss of my 20 yr old nephew to an undiagnosed food sensitivity.

Incorporate the Power of Movement Into Your Life, Presented by Jessica Grochowsky PT, DPT, MTC, CLT, CMTPT, PORi Cert on Saturday at 3:00PM

If you could improve how EVERY system of your body functions, wouldn’t that be great? The amazing news is that it’s possible! Learn how to strategically incorporate each component of exercise into your life.

The 5 Main Factors to Living a Longer and Healthier Life - Presented by Jerica Crews on Saturday at 3:30PM

PureHome365 Difference  – Today more than ever, people realize the importance of their health and our products were designed with that in mind. Your health is determined by the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, deep restful sleep and exercise.

Embracing Life's Journey: Living Beyond Infertility, Presented by Marline C Duroseau on Sunday at 12:00PM

1 in 6 people are affected by Infertility today. This means you or someone you know. People with infertility suffer in silence. Let’s end the stigma and talk about it! I help women embrace life’s journey, even the unwanted infertility diagnosis. Woman, you matter! We are more than our lived infertility experience.

You are Stronger Than You Think, Presented by Four Friends Fitness on Sunday at 12:30PM

Are you tired of feeling lost in big box gyms with no individual attention? We knew the old, crowded fitness class model just wasn’t cutting it – you weren’t getting the attention and connection you deserved. Come for the Personal Training. Stay for the Support.

Who and What Does it Take to be the Ultimate Women, Presented by Natasha Jordan on Sunday at 2:00PM

The seminar will consist of a panel of women, whom will speak on how they care for themselves, their circle of success all while working to be the ultimate women.

Welcome to Walmart Health!, Presented by Lauren Eakins, MBA on Sunday at 2:30PM

Interim Market Director the Jacksonville Walmart Health Market, Lauren Eakins, MBA  will provide an overview of Walmart Health and how it is expanding nationwide to improve access to quality care by providing low-cost and high quality primary, behavioral health, and dental in one convenient place!

Wholistic Dermatology / Julia T. Hunter M.D. Treating the Body as a Whole Internal and External Wholistic Treatment of Skin Conditions and Why on Sunday at 3:00PM

We investigate and optimize your entire Internal and External Health by addressing the Whole Body – to Treat the Causes – NOT just the Symptoms – for achieving PROVEN Results – LONG-LASTING, SCIENTIFICALLY-CORRECT visible and health improving SOLUTIONS! Wholistic Dermatology does not just provide and perform Skin Treatments – we provide maximal strength THERAPEUTIC Internal and External SOLUTIONS to MAXIMIZE Whole Body Health, Disease Prevention and Repair, Beauty and Anti-Aging. This is the MOST Effective, Best Use of Time, Trust and Monies!

The Secret to Weight Loss Revealed, Presented by Dr. Tiffany Thornton on Sunday at 3:30PM

Secret to weight loss! An 8 week journey that helps people lose at least 10% of their body weight, without harmful injections, hormones, or stimulants. Insulin resistance, past menopausal weight loss solutions are here!